“It doesn’t matter the age. What is important is the mind,” Ronaldo express.

“It doesn’t matter if Cristiano Ronaldo is good, you don’t know tomorrow what is going to happen. I live in the present, in the moment.

“The moment is good, I feel happy, I feel sharp and in a good moment in my life. I hope to play many, many years more but you never know.

“This is football, we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. When I speak to young boys I always say ‘enjoy the moment’ because we never know what will happen. My eyes see the future very, very bright, so I am happy with that.”

Ronaldo also added, “I don’t like to play in the stadiums without fans, it’s like going to the circus but you don’t see clowns,” Ronaldo said.

“The pandemic has made people crazy. I hope soon they can open the gates of the stadiums. We have to live with that, we have to try to do a normal life but of course, we have to respect the rules. But to play without the fans, I really don’t like it.”


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