MLB Faces Uncertainty

base on everything already changed with this season, We can’t be assured with what the sport will be come October.

The thoroughfare from now to the World Series for Major League Baseball is a journey with no map-read.

Reacting to COVID-19 outbreaks among the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, MLB invented seven-inning games for doubleheaders, increased September and postseason rosters from 26 players to 28.

Keeping players and staff safe among a global pandemic was the lead force behind the Operations Manual drafted by MLB.

The players association–protocols that were tightened after the outbreaks.

The aim of holding the games going are to crown a champion and to collect $1 billion in television money from an expanded postseason.

“There is no way the owners want to shut the season down, not with $1 billion sitting there at the end,” said one agent. “They won’t. And the players are on board. The players want to play.”


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