Australia and England is the oldest rivalry in cricket. The rivalry doesn’t quite match the natural hostility of nemesis India and Pakistan. The bitter political warring festers into cricket and sadly results in the teams hardly ever playing each other.

The heckling from those obstreperous locals went into overdrive last year during the Ashes when Australia’s star batsmen Steve Smith and David Warner were returning from their 12-month suspensions for cheating during the ball tampering saga.

The former leaders, particularly pantomime villain Warner, received an earful from England fans. However it certainly didn’t deter masterful batsman Smith, who conjured a series for the ages as Australia retained the Ashes for the first time in England since 2001.

During these abnormal times, there won’t be any disdain dished out to Smith or any Australian player. The team approaching tour of the U.K. will be behind closed doors.


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