NFL Will be Playing With the Pandemic

Millions football fans around the globe wants the NFL to have a full season this year, even with the pandemic. The virus is soaring in, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas states that host 13 of 32 teams.

“We thought about this very long and very hard,” Dr. Allen Sills, N.F.L.’s chief medical officer state. “What can we do to mitigate risk around our sport and around our clubs?”

Prior this summer, dozens of players led a #WeWantToPlay campaign on social media. They declare their enthusiasm to getting back in the game.

After a sequence of virtual negotiations, the NFL and its players consent on a number of safeguard protocols.

Which comprise limiting personnel allowed near team facilities, instituting robust testing of players and limiting or eliminating previously sacred face-to-face activities.


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