kneeling Players

President Donald Trump’s of USA has recently have a go at the NBA, making comments on the NBA players kneeling.

He said that the league was in “big trouble, bigger trouble than they understand because of how they had approached kneeling of the players during the national anthem.”

He said as well that the NBA people were “very, very nasty and frankly, very dumb” for supporting the players.

Commissioner Adam Silver state that the NBA wouldn’t take any action on the players kneeling during the national anthem.

The whole NBA fraternity was for peaceful protests, hence the kneeling was something that wasn’t ever going to be penalised.

With Trump really going after the NBA in terms of how it has approached ‘kneeling of athletes’. It was assumed that the TV Ratings would fall drastically. kneeling of athletes

In the first few days of the restart up the rating did fall,  since then things have been getting back to normal.

The NBA TV Ratings are in fact above average currently.

The first week recorded a 14% reduced from the pre coronavirus average. However, it surged to 14% above the average after the first weekend itself.


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