Andy Bronkema

The Bulldogs had a heavy slate of nonleague games in November and December a season ago prior to delving into their GLIAC schedule.

“Our motto is to do everything we’re allowed to do,” Bronkema said. “Each week, we’re given more parameters and guidelines on what we can or can’t do. We’re just following it. One thing I can say is we’re motivated and committed to providing an experience for our athletes that’s worthwhile.”

“Right now, there’s a lot of hoops to jump through and a lot of things to set. I imagine sometime in October we’ll get rolling with some workouts and activity. Sometime in January we’ll decide what we can do in terms of competition.”

If there is no season, Bronkema points out the players can still get an extra year of eligibility if they play 50 percent or less of the next season and can still keep their scholarship. “That’s a good thing, there’s not a lot of risk involved that way,” Bronkema said.


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