The 2020/21 UEFA Champions League is about to start with all fixtures confirmed:

Matchday 1

Tuesday 20 October

Group E: Chelsea vs Sevilla, Rennes vs Krasnodar
Group F: Zenit vs Club Brugge, Lazio vs Dortmund
Group G: Dynamo Kyiv vs Juventus, Barcelona vs Ferencváros
Group H: Paris vs Manchester United, Leipzig vs İstanbul Başakşehir

Wednesday 21 October

Group A: Salzburg vs Lokomotiv Moskva, Bayern vs Atlético Madrid
Group B: Real Madrid vs Shakhtar Donetsk, Internazionale vs Mönchengladbach
Group C: Manchester City vs Porto, Olympiacos vs Marseille
Group D: Ajax vs Liverpool, Midtjylland vs Atalanta

Matchday 2

Tuesday 27 October

Group A: Lokomotiv Moskva vs Bayern, Atlético Madrid vs Salzburg
Group B: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Internazionale, Mönchengladbach vs Real Madrid
Group C: Porto vs Olympiacos, Marseille vs Manchester City
Group D: Liverpool vs Midtjylland, Atalanta vs Ajax

Wednesday 28 October

Group E: Krasnodar vs Chelsea, Sevilla vs Rennes
Group F: Dortmund vs Zenit, Club Brugge vs Lazio
Group G: Juventus vs Barcelona, Ferencváros vs Dynamo Kyiv
Group H: İstanbul Başakşehir vs Paris, Manchester United vs Leipzig

Matchday 3

Tuesday 3 November

Group A: Lokomotiv Moskva vs Atlético Madrid, Salzburg vs Bayern
Group B: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Mönchengladbach, Real Madrid vs Internazionale
Group C: Manchester City vs Olympiacos, Porto vs Marseille
Group D: Midtjylland vs Ajax, Atalanta vs Liverpool

Wednesday 4 November

Group E: Sevilla vs Krasnodar, Chelsea vs Rennes
Group F: Zenit vs Lazio, Club Brugge vs Dortmund
Group G: Barcelona vs Dynamo Kyiv, Ferencváros vs Juventus
Group H: İstanbul Başakşehir vs Manchester United, Leipzig vs Paris

Matchday 4

Tuesday 24 November

Group E: Krasnodar vs Sevilla (18:55 CET), Rennes vs Chelsea (18:55 CET)
Group F: Lazio vs Zenit, Dortmund vs Club Brugge
Group G: Dynamo Kyiv vs Barcelona, Juventus vs Ferencváros
Group H: Manchester United vs İstanbul Başakşehir, Paris vs Leipzig

Wednesday 25 November

Group A: Atlético Madrid vs Lokomotiv Moskva, Bayern vs Salzburg
Group B: Mönchengladbach vs Shakhtar Donetsk, Internazionale vs Real Madrid
Group C: Olympiacos vs Manchester City, Marseille vs Porto
Group D: Liverpool vs Atalanta, Ajax vs Midtjylland

Matchday 5

Tuesday 1 December

Group A: Lokomotiv Moskva vs Salzburg, Atlético Madrid vs Bayern
Group B: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Real Madrid, Mönchengladbach vs Internazionale
Group C: Marseille vs Olympiacos, Porto vs Manchester City
Group D: Liverpool vs Ajax, Atalanta vs Midtjylland

Wednesday 2 December

Group E: Krasnodar vs Rennes, Sevilla vs Chelsea
Group F: Dortmund vs Lazio, Club Brugge vs Zenit
Group G: Juventus vs Dynamo Kyiv, Ferencváros vs Barcelona
Group H: İstanbul Başakşehir vs Leipzig, Manchester United vs Paris

Matchday 6

Tuesday 8 December

Group E: Chelsea vs Krasnodar, Rennes vs Sevilla
Group F: Zenit vs Dortmund, Lazio vs Club Brugge
Group G: Barcelona vs Juventus, Dynamo Kyiv vs Ferencváros
Group H: Paris vs İstanbul Başakşehir, Leipzig vs Manchester United

Wednesday 9 December

Group A: Bayern vs Lokomotiv Moskva, Salzburg vs Atlético Madrid
Group B: Real Madrid vs Mönchengladbach, Internazionale vs Shakhtar Donetsk
Group C: Manchester City vs Marseille, Olympiacos vs Porto
Group D: Ajax vs Atalanta, Midtjylland vs Liverpool

Round of 16

Draw: 14 December
First legs: 16/17 & 23/24 February
Second legs: 9/10 & 16/17 March


Draw: 19 March
First legs: 6/7 April
Second legs: 13/14 April


Draw: 19 March
First legs: 27/28 April
Second legs: 4/5 May


Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadı, Istanbul: 29 May



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