indian cricket

Covid-19 has taken a sizeable damage on sports, from the cancellation of Wimbledon to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

Cricket’s marquee event, the Indian Premier League, gets under way this week after a five-month delay. Just not in India. A bit more than 1,620 miles away in the United Arab Emirates, to be precise.

While this might seem like a radical step akin to moving Major League Baseball to Costa Rica for a season the shift makes a lot of sense. India locked down its economy, but failed to stem the coronavirus. The country now has the second-highest number of cases, overtaking Brazil.

Packing stadiums in the cricket mad nation of 1.3 billion was a nonstarter. But to deprive them of the opportunity to stream their favourite stars would have piled cruelty on tragedy. Cricket is as much a religion as a pastime.


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