Further to our continued discussions and consultations regarding the resumption of ISSA Competitions, kindly note the following update.

1. The ISSA Executive continues to engage our various stakeholders on the issues related to the possibility of resuming our various competitions as planned.

2. The significant majority of our stakeholders / partners, including sponsors and the Ministries of Education and Health have expressed support for our plans to resume competitions, should it be deemed safe for us to do so at the proposed time.

3. Although we have shared our plans and protocol documents with the Ministries of Education and Health as well as engaged them verbally on same, we are yet to receive written permission confirming their approval and support which they have verbally expressed.

The Executive continues to be mindful of the fluidity of issues relating to the spread of COVID-19 and the inherent risks that may be involved with engaging students for training and competition.

As a result, while we will continue to engage our stakeholders and make plans for the resumption of competitions, IF AND WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO, we are encouraging principals to carefully assess the current circumstances and make a determination as to their individual school’s capabilities of engaging students in training activities at this time. Any such assessment MUST be aligned to our draft protocol document as well as related guidelines previously shared with schools.

We have agreed to make a final decision, NO LATER than mid-September as to whether or not we will stage any competition during the Christmas term of the new school year. We assure you that the Executive of ISSA will continue to monitor and assess the current situation before arriving at a final decision which will be in the best interest of our membership and those we serve


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